Over the years, CELIANS has become a major reference in 10-4 high precision measuring for the industrials as well as testing laboratories with two ranges of products MEIRI and ANS.

Therefore, CELIANS covers all needs in various application fields: aeronautics & aerospace, defence, energy, transport and a very wide spectrum of industrial applications.

CELIANS stems from a know-how forged in 1974 in Paris, France, enriched with knowledge and new technologies. As part of a technical group specialized in infrastructure networks, CELIANS offers communicant measuring solutions.


SPHEREL Systèmes

Acquisition of  CELIANS by SPHEREL Systems.


Acquisition of MEIRI

Acquisition of MEIRI by CELIANS.


Merger of CELI and ANS

Merger of CELI and ANS to give birth to CELIANS in order to offer global service in data acquisition from signal acquisition to computer treatment.


Founding of MEIRI

Founding of MEIRI, French designer and manufacturer in electronic equipment, especially in analog signal conversion, amplification and high precision sensor conditioning.


Founding of CELI

Founding of CELI (Constructions ELectroniques Industrie) : conceives, develops, integrates, installs and maintains acquisition products and systems (high performance digitization and associated software)


Founding of ANS

Founding of ANS (Analogique Numérique Système) a French designer and manufacturer in electronic amplification equipment, galvanic isolation and high precision (10-4) analog signal conditioning with input and 500V output isolations.